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Interested in hiring a Calligrapher? Here are a few tips!!!

A few tips from moi for working with a Calligrapher!

    • Here is a timeline suggested by many wedding planners: It is advisable to book a calligrapher 5 months in advance of the wedding, as many calligraphers get very busy. The envelopes should be delivered to the calligrapher at least 3 months in advance of wedding. Invitations should be mailed 6 to 8 weeks in advance of wedding.
    • I advise brides to have the post office hand cancel your stamps, as the machine at the post office can damage the envelopes!
    • For envelope addressing, table numbers, place cards or seating cards, many calligraphers have a preferred format for receiving the guests names (Excel, Microsoft Word etc) ! Make sure you double check with them.
    • Calligraphy is a "human process" that can sometimes have a slip of the pen nib! Most Calligraphers will ask for extra envelopes, place cards etc (10%, 15%, 20% extra) to be sent along! Order these extras when you order your invitations, as I have heard it can be expensive to go back and order more after.
    • Most of all, Have fun :)

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