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Custom Calligraphy Wedding Maps!!!

I LOVE making maps!!!

A wedding map is a stylish, unique & very personal way to introduce guests to the location of your upcoming I Do's!

Whether your wedding is at a faraway exotic locale, or in your own backyard, a hand-lettered map will be a treasured keepsake :)

These following maps were all created as a high-resolution digital file. The maps were then Printed by a stationer, letterpress, or just at a print shop.

A printed map can be used as a save-the-date postcard, an insert into invitations, or tucked into welcome bags!

brussels map wedding calligraphy illustration hand done hand made

The map above, for a wedding which took place in Brussels, Belgium, was created using Walnut Ink. Walnut Ink is an ink I mix myself to produce a range of browns from light sepia to nearly black. I absolutely Love Love LOVE it!!!

Wedding Map calligraphy illustration hand made hand illustrated weddings directions

This map was created for a 2010 wedding on a small island. The original for the map was created in pen & ink. The finished maps were printed at a print shop on card.

calligraphy map hand lettered map hand illustrated