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Interested in learning Calligraphy? I recommend...

calligraphy pointed pen inkwell old fashioned elegant pencil sketchInterested in learning Calligraphy? Wonderful!!!

These are the ultimate books I recommend! While the last three are specific to pointed pen calligraphy,

the first book is an amazing overview of lots of calligraphy styles.

Happy Writing!!!


modern mark making by lisa englebrecht

If you are interested in learning calligraphy, the first book I recommend is "Modern Mark Making" by the Letterista, Lisa Englebrecht.

Lisa's book is absolutely fabulous for giving a good look into lots of different styles of calligraphy, while providing TONS of inspiration!!!

Very highly recommended!

To find out more about Lisa and purchase her book, please visit :

The Second book I reccommend is "Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy" by Eleanor Winters. This amazing guide goes over every stroke and line of the copperplate hand.

An absolutely essential book for those interested in pointed pen calligraphy!

(Not sure what Copperplate is? Pointed pen? be sure to check out my guide to pointed pen calligraphy coming soon!)

The third book I highly reccomend is "The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing."

This very old manual (from 1895) has fascinating examples of many types of calligraphy and lots of tips!!!

Lastly, I highly encourage those interested in calligraphy to look for the "Ames Compendium of Practical & Ornamental Penmanship" By Daniel T. Ames, first published in 1883.

This incredible book has gorgeous examples as well as interesting tips for the aspiring penwoman / penman!!!

ames compendium of penmanship daniel t ames

These last three books can be quite hard to find!

They can be purchased from the calligraphy supplier