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Unique Places for Calligraphy at your Wedding {as seen on the Country Sugar Events Blog}

Everyone is familiar with traditional places for calligraphy at a wedding… place cards and envelopes. If you are interested in having the beauty of hand lettering at your wedding, but in fresh ways, read on! As seen on the Country Sugar Events blog :)

Calligraphy Snowflakes - For a winter wedding, have your calligrapher letter your names and wedding date on paper snowflakes. String these together and hand from the ceiling at your venue for beautiful winter decoration

Doilies in the trees - Have your calligrapher write your names, a cute quote or your wedding date on paper doilies. String them together and hand from tree branches for beautiful decoration at your outdoor wedding.

joy love peace Calligraphy on Doilies orange blue polka dots

Martini Glass tags - Have your calligrapher write the name of your signature drink & wedding date on a small tag. Tie these around the stem of a martini or wine glass.

Custom Quote totes - Ask your calligrapher to letter a favorite quote for you and delivered to you as a digital file. Get the quote printed onto a canvas tote bag for the cutest bridesmaid gift bag ever!

martha stewart weddings

Just your names in calligraphy - A digital file of your names in calligraphy can be used to add a decorative touch to your invitations, save-the-dates, menus, napkins, favors and, with a cooperative baker, even your cake!

Creative Place cards - Have creative place cards such as seashells, sand dollars, silk flowers, clay flower pots or other fun items lettered with your guests names.