Laura Lavender's Sketchbook

The Creation of a Custom Wedding Dress Painting... from Pictures to Sketches to the final Piece!

I LOVE creating custom wedding dress portraits!

{Having a passion for drawing gowns, combined with my adoration for weddings means these are the perfect commissions for me!}

Here, I am going to show the progression of a current real wedding dress portrait, from pictures to sketches to the final piece!

When creating a custom wedding dress portrait, the first thing I ask for is inspiration photos...

of the gown, the bouquet, her shoes, the venue of the wedding, the  dressing room and any other pictures that captured the imagination of the bride!

Here are some of the inspiration photos:

This gorgeous custom made gown has a gathered bodice, empire waist, delicate lace & a train.

Must capture all these beautiful details!

Love that mirror!!! I wanted to incorporate it into the sketch!

The bride really loves her green shoes (I do, too!) and would like them added into the painting!

These gorgeous photos were taken by Regina, Saskatchewan based photographer Carey Shaw.

See more of her work here.

...and here is my sketch:

Stay posted to see this wedding dress portrait progress!!!



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