Laura Lavender's Sketchbook

The creation of a custom Wedding dress Portrait - more sketches!!!

Here I am showing the creation a of current real wedding dress portrait.

We have already decided on the basic composition (see post below) & now we working on the details!

All Photos by the talented Regina, Saskatchewan based photographer Carey Shaw.

See more of her work here.

The gown featured a custom fabric & feather piece, which was added to the sketch.

The lovely green shoes where moved to the other side of the compositionn& placed on a small box instead of a table.

The bouquet will now be featured in the painting!

This wedding dress portrait will include a calligraphy quote which is meaningful to the couple,

The next step is to decide on the placement of the writing within the composition.

Here are some arrangements we discussed:

custom wedding dress portrait commission

Which one do you prefer?

Check back next week to see the finished watercolor painting!