Laura Lavender's Sketchbook

D.I.Y Heart-shaped Lavender Sachets!

It is lavender time of year!!! and it is easy and fun to make great smelling, super cute lavender sachets! Dried lavender is available bulk online from many retailers... or grow & dry your own! This little project is excellent for using up scraps of pretty fabric from other sewing projects. The heart shape can also be cut from old hankies or other recycled lovely fabrics.

These sachets I made here feature ribbon embroidery. For more information on ribbon embroidery (and some PRO examples!!!), I recommend Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts.

1. Print the heart shape pattern and cut out.

2. Place on double thickness of fabric. Any type of fabric is appropriate, although cottons seem to be easier to embroider on. Cut around shape.

3. Sketch your design on the good side of one heart shape, using a fabric pencil or just a good old pencil. Use thin ribbon and a large-eyed needle to embroider your design. If your fabric is white or light, be attentive of carefully tying off your ends. Consult Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts for more information on ribbon embroidery and some professional examples :) ... You could also do the embroidery first, then cut out the heart shape around it, if you find this easier.

4. Pin the heart shapes together, good sides together, bad side facing outwards. Stitch around the perimeter of the heart, leaving a one or two inch open space for inserting the dried lavender. (Alternatively, for a different look, keep the rough edges showing by simply stitching the bad sides together, no turning inside out necessary!!!)

5. Turn the heart right side out. Stuff the dried lavender into the heart.

6. To finish, carefully turn the rough edges to the inside of the heart and stitch closed with a needle and thread.

When the sachet has lost it’s scent, the heart can be re-opened along the same seam and fresh lavender can be inserted. The sachet can also be freshened with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Keep a few in your drawers as well as in your suitcase. Enjoy!!!