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Interested in learning pointed pen calligraphy?

My Craftsy calligraphy class is now out! 

I had such fun going to Denver, Colorado to film the class. The Craftsy studio was a really interesting place and all the Craftsy employees are fabulous! 



There is a lot to know about being on film! I had much to learn about being on camera..... keep this had out of the way, look here but not here, learning to work with the prompters... whew!

Since I live by the ocean, I was also feeling the effects of being up a bit higher! They call Denver the 'mile high city'  and I certainly felt like I was at "altitude." Also I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time of filming, which was certainly making me feel breathless already!

Can you spot my baby bump? 


This class is very much a beginners class in pointed pen calligraphy. There is certainly an element of copperplate to the style, however with a very modern look and an emphasis on adding your own personal flavour to the script. 


We discuss essential tools, the basic strokes and movements, then how to put them together into a minuscule alphabet. Next, we take on the majuscules, stroke by stroke. I show quite a few variations so you can add some personality to your letters!



Interested in trying out the class? Here's the link to sign up:


See you there! 


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