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Growing miniature roses indoors!


Growing Miniature roses indoors!

Valentine’s Day is the time for roses - and February could certainly be the month for miniature roses. In February roses abound - many gardeners receive a gift ( or buy one themselves!) of a sweet little miniature rose plant. Many of these miniature roses are sadly destined as an ephemeral bit of beauty for the breakfast table. They look lovely for a few weeks, then dismally languish... dropping their little leaves, turning spindly and weak. However this does not need to be the case! Miniature roses can in fact happily grow indoors - with a few stipulations - and can be a lovely addition to an indoor gardeners collection!

Roses are most certainly one of the most popular plants - if not the most popular of all. Despite a prevalent notion that roses are a difficult plant to grow, Roses are in fact a hardy, robust shrub. The rose’s miniature sister is built of the same stuff! Miniature roses are equally tough and vigorous plants... however they absolutely must have the right growing conditions, environment and treatment! Read on for how to make your miniature roses thrive!

  • 1. Plenty of Light: a miniature rose simply will not survive long without lots of sunshine. Roses are sunshine plants that love to suntan! Avoid placing a miniature rose in a dark room. Do not place your miniature rose on a table in the centre of the room, instead give her some nice window real estate. Try a south facing window. 
  • 2. Fresh, well circulating air. A rose will quickly languish in a hot and stuffy room. Some wonderful spots for a miniature rose are a warm, protected balcony, a cool porch, or window sill where the window is opened sometimes giving a bit of a breeze. If you are lucky enough to have such a thing, a conservatory or a cool greenhouse are absolutely excellent!
  • 3. Cool temperatures. . Aim for a consistently cool room, perhaps in the temperature range of 8C to 18C ( 46F to 64F). Avoid placing a miniature rose near a fireplace, radiator, furnace vent or other heat source! (This applies to any house plant, but that’s another story!)