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How to be a runner!

laura lavender guide to how to be a runner.jpg

Are you interested in being a runner?

I find running to be a great way to let off some steam really quickly! The truth of it is, I want to be healthy and fit etc etc - but I really don't want to spend a lot of time at it! I am a full time working artist and a full time mama (which mum isn't full time!) - I want to get some exercise in quick and get on to other things!

However - I find my approach to running is a bit different, which is why I wanted to share it. For me - running is all about feeling good! There is nothing negative about it. First of all - I only go running when I want to, there is no schedule or agenda. Sometimes I go running in the rain, and it feels fabulous! Sometimes, I feel tired, and I want to (Ideally) lie in front of the fireplace with a juicy novel! The point is I think this no-pressure approach to running means naturally emphasizing how great running makes you feel when you need it!

Then, when I am running, I walk whenver I want to, and I only ever go running for twenty minutes maximum, as I have heard that is the best amount of time for protecting knees/hips and other joints from damage.