White Calligraphy on Black Paper!

calligraphy, weddingsLaura Lavender15 Comments

Here is some work I recently completed, all white ink on black.

white calligraphy on black

white calligraphy on black

If you are interested in hiring a calligrapher to letter on your black (or very dark) envelopes in white, keep in mind that it can be more costly!

Many calligraphers charge more to address dark envelopes as they more are difficult - or impossible- to see through on our light tables

- but so worth the effort :)


To finish, here is a white on black piece I L-O-V-E.

The calligraphy is by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit for Heima, a lovely shop from the Phillipines.

Look closely :)

white calligraphy on black