Secret Stamp Tips... REVEALED

Calligraphy Rubber StampsLaura Lavender

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. - that's the proper technique for inking your stamp. Multiple, gentle taps will ensure an even layer of ink on your stamp.

Pressing too hard on the pad may cause the stamp to pick up too much ink, resulting in a fuzzy image or ink in unwanted areas.

Stamp on a sturdy, flat surface, and place your paper on top of 10 to 15 sheets of copy paper. Press the stamp onto the paper with firm even pressure. Press - don't slam the stamp on the paper. If you get ink on areas that are not part of your stamp, you may be pressing too hard on either the ink pad or when making the impression

The small areas on your stamp (like the center of the o's) will collect fiber from the paper. These fibers will build up over time making your stamp not as clear as it was when it was new. To clean your stamp, use an old soft toothbrush. Do not wet the brush. A few gentle flicks with the brush will remove the dirt and your stamp will be as good as new.

If you have a felt pad, store it upside down. Gravity will keep the ink on the surface of the pad so you will not have to re-ink it as often.

When the image starts to fade, resist the temptation to slam the stamp onto the pad in an attempt to get a darker impression. Add a few drops of ink and let the pad sit for an hour or so to allow the ink to evenly distribute. It's easier to add ink to your pad then remove it, so don't add too much ink when re-inking your pad.





I am frequently asked what is my favorite stamp pad...

well here it is!

Tsukienko Versafine.