Hand Calligraphy + Illustration Invitation - Hand Lettered design - F e r n

Hand Calligraphy + Illustration Invitation - Hand Lettered design - F e r n



{ F e r n }

The 'fern’ invitation design is hand lettered in Laura Lavender’s signature vintage style calligraphy, with a decorative painted illustrations.… This can be of the local foliage, flowers from the décor or bouquets… or foliage from any special place. The design is then scanned and delivered at a high resolution for printing.

Please note that the 'fern' design is generally not suited to letterpress printing.

{ D e t a i l s }

Creation: Your design is hand-lettered in vintage style calligraphy, with special attention given to each stroke & swirl of the pen.
- This design features several decorative foliage illustrations.

Process: The calligraphy is done in ink with a pointed pen nib. The illustrations are painted in watercolours.

Design: Please indicate the venue you would like illustrated. Please send any imagery or links you may have.

{ O r d e r i n g & T i m i n g }

Ordering: Please send your invitation details via etsy conversation or via email.

Timing: Please be in contact as far in advance of your event date as possible. If you require your custom piece right away, please inquire for rush order availability. Please allow at least 3 to 5 days for your order to be completed.

{ A b o u t }

PenPaintInk by Laura Lavender is heirloom quality calligraphy and illustration, with flourish! My vintage style calligraphy is created with a desire to honour the elegance and tradition of hand lettering of yesterday. I intend for my illustrations to be finely crafted. I use only the finest quality pens, paints & inks (and paper!)

{ P h o t o g r a p h y }

Photography by Erin Forehand

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